From the recording Rock iT Out!


Stranger in the Room
©2019 Dennis Doyle Songs

Well stranger in the room
Better come and find me soon
Cause i've been waitin' too long

There'e one big bright full moon
As I get a little looney
Waitin' for that stranger to come

And just like that full moon
This stranger in the room
Affected my mood

All of this energy
All of this pride
I have learned
To keep it inside

If I have a little drink
And you push it to the brink
Would you stay with me awhile

But then I'm so sorry
For the days that have passed
And how I tried to make it last

Oh you can not lose
What you never had
With that stranger in the room

All of these memories
All through this night
I have learned
to keep it inside

When I looked up at the moon
With it's light inside the room
I knew I had to make my move

I never should assume
What I could expect
From that stranger in the room

And as strange as that all seem
Even a little bit extreme
I met that perfect stranger that night

All of these mysteries
All through the bye and bye
I have learned to keep it inside